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Grupo Masato is a multi-ethnic Portland-based band that plays highly irresistible danceable music from Latin America! A powerful combinations of Chicha, Cumbia and Afro Peruvian music that invites all ages to meet on the dance floor and celebrate our diversity. Chicha music grew out of the Andean music in Peru mixed with Cumbia rhythms from Colombia, and were transformed and reinterpreted by electric guitars, Fender spring reverb amplifiers, complex African based percussions and the discovery of psychedelic rock. Grupo Masato explores and celebrates this diverse music with a powerful show that will make you want to dance. Grupo Masato’s music is as intoxicating as the beverage it's named after, a powerful liquor from the Amazon jungle in South America, made out of fermented yucca.

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Complete Grupo Masato’s versions of “Cariñito”, “Seres de Luz”, and “Ingá”, as recorded at Hallowed Halls Studio by Adelante Mujeres.

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